Innovative thinking.

Optimal results.

Our Story

Innovative thinking for optimal results has been the theme throughout Start Smart’s history.  Since the creation of our Business Development Seminar Series for the City of New Orleans in 2005, we have built an impeccable reputation for creating and delivering value for our clients.  

When our growth was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005,  new opportunities arose for Start Smart to offer a new suite of business solutions to clients that aligned our innovative thinking and the deep expertise of our exceptional people with the needs of a city in recovery.

In 2006, we launched our Contractor's College training program to help local construction firms gain greater access to post-Katrina construction opportunities.  In 2009, we published America's best-selling book on building business credit, Principles of Building Business Credit.  In 2011, our Founder and CEO, Norman David Roussell, led the team responsible for increasing disadvantaged business participation on City of New Orleans contracts from 16% to over 32% in less than 15-months.  In 2013, we re-launched our website.  Over 200,000 visitors have made the #1 resource on the Internet for information on business certification programs available to Louisiana business owners. 

Today, Start Smart continues to collaborate with government, corporate and non-profit clients to help them build better organizations.  We also continue to support the communities in which we operate through our Touch the World campaign.